Porcelain veneer are wafer thin pieces of tooth coloured porcelain that covers the front surfaces of your teeth to enhance the aesthetics of your smile producing a more pleasing and harmonious smile. It can be used to close gaps, cover discoloured patches, straighten slightly twisted teeth and restore broken or damaged teeth to produce a balanced and pleasant smile.

Your initial consultation appointment with Dr Yee will involve a discussion of your concerns and your wishes. An analysis of your teeth and smile will be carried out. Treatment options will be discussed and if porcelain veneers are the best option in your situation then photos and impressions (moulds) of your teeth will be taken.   

During your next visit we will have a mock up of the proposed veneers where we can see the shape and colour of your new smile. Any adjustments will be done at this appointment. Once you are happy with the shape and colour we will schedule your next appointment for the shaping of your teeth.

During this appointment we will shave and shape your teeth to receive the porcelain veneers. After your teeth have been shaped, impressions are taken and temporary resin veneers are placed.  The impressions are passed onto our master dental technician where your veneers are handcrafted with the finest of aesthetic porcelain.

Around two weeks later your new porcelain veneers are ready. This appointment your new veneers are tried in and once you are happy with the shape and colour, they are glued on with a special resin cement. Adjustment are made and we will have a review appointment in a week’s time.

To enhance the longevity of your new veneers, it is important to not chew ice, metal, pen, fingernail or hard objects with your front teeth. Good oral hygiene, brushing two to three times a day and flossing twice daily will help to maintain the integrity of the margins of the porcelain where the veneer meets the teeth. Your six monthly check and clean is paramount to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your veneers.